Sale Shopping Tips

June 21, 2011
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Are you guilty of just buying something because it’s on sale?

We all get excited and a little carried away by sale time which is why you need the following tips.

Top 5 Sale time questions to ask yourself

1. Would you buy it if it wasn’t on sale?

2. Does it go with at least 5 other items in your wardrobe?

3. Does it fill a gap in your wardrobe or is it a duplicate of something else?

4. Do you actually like it, or do you just like the price?

5. Is the garment in good condition? If you need to spend extra to get it fixed than it’s not a good purchase.

Top 3 things to buy

1. Leather boots; these are always expensive but don’t get carried away by seasonal trends as you still want to wear them for a few years.

2. Stockings; you can never have too many pairs and they will still be great next winter

3. Jackets. Again a big ticket item and purchase a jacket that is 100% wool as it will last you a few seasons